Decisions are a major part of our lives. Whether you’re the CEO of an organization, a small business owner, or an employee, we all make decisions each and every day of our lives that will impact our tomorrows. HatsuRamadhan, Millennial thought leader and make money on your terms strategist talks today about the importance of making decisions, thinking outside the box, and the power and impact your decisions can have on your life, your business, or your career.

Overview of today’s episode:

Education after high school teaches you the skills you will need in your desired industry, but it also teaches you the “employee mindset” – how to be an employee.
Anyone that’s an employee should also consider having a business set up to be able to claim expenses and change your income tax bracket.
Passive income vs portfolio income
Stop looking at jobs as “how much are you going to pay me?” Instead, ask yourself “What experience am I actually going to get?” and “What can I do with this knowledge outside of my job if I choose to leave one day?”
Surround yourself around people who think differently; who think outside the box.
In the real world, if things were as easy as coaches, mentors, and seminar speakers say they are – wouldn’t more people do it?
Why hard work – for the typical employee mindset – doesn’t exist.
Don’t let your emotions control your decisions.
Making your own decisions – and owning the experiences and consequences of them – gives you the power and choices that others do not have.

Think about and remember this powerful quote:

“I’ve made decisions that I regret and I took them as learning experiences. I’m human, not perfect, like everybody else.” – Queen Latifah


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