We’ve listened to countless people sharing their success stories, but you’ve probably noticed how unique each story is for every person. And that is the reason why your success is not defined by another person’s success, because your success, ULTIMATELY is defined by no one else but YOU.

In this episode, I have with me Paul Karr who will share his own success story and will help us picture out what it means to be truly successful. Having graduated and earned his PhD in Chemistry with a good job, you’d probably think how backward thinking was his action when he quit a career that many probably dream of. But as Paul says, “Success changes over time.”

Some key points we’ve discussed in this interview:

  • Why starting is more important than anything else
  • Why you need a plan and stick to it
  • What mindset should you exercise to succeed
  • How systems and processes help you succeed
  • Paul’s advice to those who want to succeed in life
  • Paul’s perspective on what failure is and how you could turn it to your favor.