Designing the Lifestyle You Desire

One book and a dream is all you need to change your life. That’s the real story behind the success of a young man, who at age 22 has afforded himself a luxury car. Adam Wenig is not your ordinary youngster who goes to college, gets his diploma and takes on a corporate role and with a strike of luck earns a paycheck that he can use to buy a luxury car. He is the total opposite. A year into college, he decided to dropped out because he’s already earning more than what his professor’s make. By the age of 22, he drives an Aston Martin.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should having a dream board
  • Why you should stop taking advice from folks who doesn’t show results
  • Can a dropout earn more that his teachers?
  • Should you go to college?
  • How he earned his first 6 figure income in 10 months
  • How to face rejection and disbelief

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