For nearly two decades, Erik Swanson has successfully coached and mentored thousands of top-performing business and corporation teams throughout the country. Also known as “The Habitudes Coach,” he is a best-selling author, motivator, corporate trainer as well as a public speaker who has shared the stage with many great mentors throughout the industry including those from the Think and Grow Rich Society and the Millionaire Summit Tour. Erik has a unique way of engaging, inspiring, and motivating his audience to set actionable goals and embark on a path to achieve those goals.

Erik has worked with countless business executives throughout many industries, held dozens of seminars and workshops and has spoken with dozens of teams throughout the corporate industry, in sales, management, and beyond. He has an innate way of marrying technical topics with story-telling, humor, and fun. When he’s not giving powerful speeches to thousands of people, he can often be found teaching kids in schools and church groups the power of good habits and attitudes through his Habitude Training program.

Please welcome Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson to the show!



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