Who is Manny Lopez? 

While many would probably stick their heads to keep a six figure income job, Manny Lopez is the guy who gave up his career to pursue his dream instead of building somebody else’s dream.

You’d probably think that it’s the craziest thing a husband with a pregnant wife would do, months before the birth of his child, but Manny’s confidence and positive attitude drowns all the negativities and his appetite for risk in order to achieve his ultimate goal is unbelievable.

That’s exactly what his message to all would be entrepreneurs is. Dare to face the odds and believe that you can.

Don’t miss out on this highly informative and inspiring interview. Be sure to listen and learn:

  • How Manny got started into entrepreneurship
  • The Aha moment – when and how he knew it’s time to leave a six figure job
  • How he overcame his struggles and hurdles to success
  • Why you shouldn’t focus on what other people thinks about you
  • Why it’s important to have a mobile presence
  • Tips on network building
  • The importance of automation and system in scaling your business
  • Manny’s step by step plan for succcess
  • Delegation and automation – the real key to building a business empire
  • Read, read, read

Where to learn more about Manny:

Connect with Manny on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/customonlinebranding

Check out his website: http://www.customonlinebranding.com/