Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, I get it. However, everyone SHOULD think like an entrepreneur. I challenge folks to think outside the box, question what doesn’t make sense, and be a problem solver. The majority of millennials that did go to college are coming out of college realizing that the message of go to college, get good grades, to get a job is not the way of the future. Feeling trapped in the cube working for someone else with loads  of debt has added frustration and stress.

Millennials are going to be changing the face of the workplace. We desire flexibility. We want to feel appreciated and be given the ability to express ourselves. In addition, we want to have a lifestyle that allows us to enjoy some of the things we actually like. What’s the point of working ourselves to death, literally?  It’s my mission to help as many folks WAKE UP and realize that they can create the life they want and make money on their own terms. I call it the best of both worlds. Being able to spend time with those you want and having an income to support your needs and wants. Why not break free?

What would you sacrifice to have the best of both worlds? Comment below!