Ashley Feinstein graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, she began her career in the finance world as an investment banker, then transitioned into corporate finance. Throughout her years in the finance industry, she began to realize the vast majority of people who have no idea what personal finance is, or why it is so important. With this revelation, Ashley became a certified life coach with a particular focus on empowering individuals on money and personal finance.

Ashley is the founder of Knowing Your Worth, a consulting company devoted to helping people learn about money and personal finance, demystifying the myths about personal finance and money management through coaching, workshops, events and publishing articles. Ashley is also the Editor in Chief at Fiscal Femme, and a contributing author for several finance publications including Daily Worth, FeeX – Robin Hood of Fees, and GoGirl Finance. Additionally, her work has been published on major publication websites such as Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post. Her mission is to help inspire and empower others to view money as a tool and to use it to develop strategies that will lead to a happier, fulfilling life.

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