The Make Money On Your Terms podcast is all about busting the myth of going to school, getting good grades, and getting a job working for someone else.  We encourage everyone to think like an entrepreneur and create the life they want. The entrepreneur hustle is real and being your own boss can allow you to have the best of both worlds – taking control of your financial future and spending more time with those you want WHEN you want. Whether you sell on Amazon, invest in real estate, have a traditional business, or are looking to start a business, tune in because each episode will contain inspiration and encouragement to make money on YOUR terms and interviews of entrepreneurs who have stepped outside the box and who are living life as they design. Wake up because now is your time to live the life you have always dreamed of! Listen now and subscribe to the show!



Now Is The Time! You’re Never Too Young Or Too Old

When internet marketing guru David Zaleski found himself in a common, yet troublesome, problem – lacking enough funds to support himself while achieving his Bachelor’s degree – he turned to the valuable lessons [...]

Currency is the new collaboration

Dr. Will (Moreland) Motivational speaker and author of several bestselling personal and business development books, Dr. Will is known for his commitment to helping individuals, companies, and organizations improve various aspects surrounding their [...]

Empower Others By Paying It Forward With Candace Chance

Candice Chance is a natural-born entrepreneur; a visionary who has learned to utilize her skills, accomplishments, experiences, and imagination to overcome business obstacles and create the life she has always wanted. Since she [...]

The Personal Success Equation Revealed

Sharon Lechter is a licensed CPA, founder and CEO of the Pay Your Family First financial education organization, inspirational international public speaker and business strategist mentor, philanthropist and a long-time education advocate in [...]

Just Do It to Achieve with David Arnett

David Arnett is a young entrepreneur, a visionary, who created, owned and consulted dozens of businesses over the course of eight years. At a young age of 25, he has achieved so much [...]

Habitude Warrior & “Mr. Awesome” – Erik Swanson

For nearly two decades, Erik Swanson has successfully coached and mentored thousands of top-performing business and corporation teams throughout the country. Also known as “The Habitudes Coach,” he is a best-selling author, motivator, [...]

Designing the Lifestyle You Desire with Adam Wenig

Designing the Lifestyle You Desire One book and a dream is all you need to change your life. That's the real story behind the success of a young man, who at age 22 [...]

How to Succeed When All Odds are Against You

Who is Manny Lopez?  While many would probably stick their heads to keep a six figure income job, Manny Lopez is the guy who gave up his career to pursue his dream instead of [...]

She started with $100 and built a 7 figure Amazon business

If you think that starting a business always requires thousands if not millions of capital, think again. Today's interview, you'll hear how Robyn Johnson started her business from $100 and built a seven figure business. [...]

Taking the first step with Sarah Cogan

Every great success, believe it or not, started with a simple step of faith. No matter what area of life or endeavor, if you want to go forward, you need to take action [...]