Motivational speaker and self-made millionaire Jerry Clark is a powerhouse of knowledge and inspiration with the experience and background to prove it. Jerry made his first million at a very young age (20), and since that time, he has dedicated his experience, tips, ideas, and knowledge to the Direct Sales and Network Marketing entrepreneur niche. He has conducted hundreds of training products and spoke at numerous events to help empower and educate direct sales consultants and network marketing contractors, giving them the ability to hone their skills and take their home-based businesses to the next level.

Jerry’s trainings have been used in over 30 different countries worldwide, and his articles have been published in dozens of publications, including Success Magazine. He is an advisory board member of Working At Home Magazine, the CEO and President of Club Rhino, Inc., as well as the founder of two other organizations: AMG Business Group and the International Academy of Rhinology. Today, he joins us to share his wisdom and help you achieve your dreams of becoming a highly-successful home-based-business owner.

Please welcome Jerry Clark to the show!