Every great success, believe it or not, started with a simple step of faith. No matter what area of life or endeavor, if you want to go forward, you need to take action instead of just being a spectator in order to get to your goal.
In this episode, I bring to you a woman who has made incredible steps and strides as an entrepreneur, a designpreneur for that matter. Her name is Sarah Cogan. Sarah has indeed gone a long way in her journey as a designpreneur not only to fulfill her dreams but also to help other people find their sense of direction and fulfillment. Being an actor who eventually found herself losing her voice gave her the challenge of her life. How she cope up and hurdled those life changing obstacles will tell you the kind of person she is now.

If you want to discover more about Sarah, be sure to listen to the whole interview to learn more about:

  • What made Sarah take that first life changing step in her life and career
  • What she loves about being an entrepreneur
  • Why entrepreneurship is not for everybody
  • Her personal picks of resources for entrepreneurs
  • Sarah’s perspective about college education
  • Her life changing decisions
  • The biggest obstacle she ever faced
  • Her advice for someone who is just starting out
  • and more…

Resources mentioned in this interview:
Inc Magazine
Fizzle.co – https://fizzle.co
BNI – http://www.bni.com/

Where to Learn more about Sarah
Visit her website: http://www.sarahcogan.com/