Chris Claflin joins us on the show today and shares his story about how he went from prepping for dentistry school to turning his attention to the stock market and investing industry. His story is a rather unique one. While in pre-dentistry school, he was preparing to propose to his lovely wife, but needed to earn some extra money to buy her the beautiful ring she deserved. Throughout his research, he discovered a casino card counting team based out of MIT and began learning how to count cards. From there, he turned a few hundred dollars into over $1,000. In 2011, after purchasing his girlfriend, now wife, the wedding ring every woman dreams about – he invested the rest of his casino earnings into the stock market.

Now, Chris is a full-time father, husband, and trader. He has agreed to join our show and talk about his experience, what inspired him to become an investor, and tips to help other aspiring investors.

Please welcome Chris Claflin to the show!